Success Stories

“When we hired Janine, our 2 1/2 year old son was a nightmare to put to bed. some nights it would take us an hour, and we couldn't leave the room unless he was asleep. He also would wake up 1-2 times per night and come to our bed. I knew something had to change, I was exhausted.
After 3 weeks of working with Janine, we now have the freedom to put our son to bed, walk away and everyone is happy. He no longer wakes up during the night either. Win win for everyone, we are all finally getting the sleep we need!”



"Janine was an absolute blessing! Our son Everett was three and a half months old when I reached out to her for help regarding some of his poor sleeping habits. With so much information online and what we are hearing from other parents we were overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to start with some listening, understanding and perspective we were able to get Everett on a great sleeping routine within a matter of weeks! I want to thank Janine for all the help and support that she gave to us, it has radically changed his mood and set us up for healthy sleeping habits."



"Janine is a lifesaver! She gave me the reassurance in what I was doing and helped us reach our sleep goals. I started off with google searches and ended up with even more questions. Once I worked with Janine that all changed. She gave me real help and advice I could trust. It took no time at all and my little guy was going to bed earlier and sleeping through the night! We have established healthy sleeping habits and it is benefitting the entire house. Thank you so much Janine!"


- Ashton