Sleeping Child

Sleep Process

Step #1: Fifteen Minute Consultation 

This first important step allows us to get to know your families current sleep challenges and goals for your child's sleep in the future. 

Step #2: Questionnaire

You fill out a comprehensive sleep questionnaire which includes information about your child, their health and wellness, their current sleep situation, your parenting philosophies and goals during our time working together. With this information a sleep plan is constructed specific to you, your child and your sleep needs. 

Step #3: Consultation

We go over the plan specifically designed for your child. This is an important time for you to get a full picture of how the next few nights are going to work in regards to your child's sleep. After this consultation you have the confidence to begin down the right path to getting your child sleeping well!

Step #4: Plan Implementation

We select an ideal start date and we work along side you daily for the duration of your implementation period. We will answer ALL of your questions and adjust the plan as needed.