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Our story...

Krummy Sleep Solutions...eliminating the krummy  sleep for those you hold deer.

Over whelmed with all the sleep information?


Tired of all the advice from everyone around you?

Exhausted from hearing about how well all your friends children sleep? 

Krummy Sleep Solutions in here to help! 

We do all the research for you, customize a sleep plan specific to your child's needs and walk along side you as you implement a step by step Sleep Plan by offering support and guidance along the way. We will teach you and your child the necessary skills that will give them a lifetime of great sleep. 


Krummy Sleep Solutions is based in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Not local to us? That's okay! We offer an array of Consultations! We are available in person, over the phone or through Skype so we can help parents all over the world catch some zzzzs!  


My story...

I worked as an Elementary School Teacher before starting my new life as a mom. With my new found life of being busy raising three children I decided to make a career change and utilize my many skills in helping and teaching others and entered the world of sleep consulting. One all mothers of three young children know all too well! 

I struggled with my first born and his sleep habits. I unknowingly got into some bad routines that set my son up for failure when it became time for him to sleep on his own. I found it difficult to navigate through all the information around sleep found online and in books, paired with the advice from others. 

It wasn't until I hired a sleep consultant I finally had the confidence to tackle the difficulties I was facing with my son's sleep. With the step by step plan and her right there to answers specific questions I felt armed with the necessities to succeed.


After all, I HAD NOTHING TO LOSE and SLEEP to gain! 

To my shock it worked! Within only a couple of nights he slept! And he slept all night! As a result of my hard efforts and the help of our dear sleep consultant we were all getting the rest we finally deserved. I had a happier baby who I knew needed the rest so much. 

With these positive results I became very passionate about my children's sleep and am looking forward to sharing my passion with YOU!